Monday, March 31, 2014

#PredictiveCOL (Update #2)

This is the second update of our predictions for the Colombian presidential run. Finally we have the definitive voter’s card, published by Colombian Registrar’s Office. That said, this is the posterior distribution of vote intention:


Now, if election were held today, this is the SNAPSHOT (mere opinion) of the run. 


On the other hand, having into account the auxiliary information, this is the forecast of the election for the day to be held (May 25, 2014)


Our simulations allow to predict some interesting parameters:

The probability that Santos wins with more than 50% of the votes (which ensures that there will be no second run) is 2.02%. 

  1. The probability that Peñalosa defeats Santos in the first run is 0.04%.

  2. The probability that Peñalosa defeats Zuluaga is 56.85%.

  3. Undecided voters would not be blank voters.

So, with today’s info, we can claim that there will be 2nd run and the contender of Santos could be Peñalosa or (maybe?) Zuluaga.

Stay tuned!!!


  1. Buen día señor Andres, quería saber si usted manejaba una pagina web, de una bolsa de empleos de estadística.

    Me pareció que en esta pagina aparecían unos links suyos.
    He estado buscandola nuevamente, pero ya no aparece.
    Sabe usted algo al respecto


  2. Claro que sí ... Es la última pestaña de la página!!!!