miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

A note about graphical representation to capture the consumer’s perception of a brand

Finally, my article about correspondence analysis in marketing research has been published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics… Here is the abstract:

<< Classical positioning researches use descriptive statistical methods that generate graphical displays, from a two-way table of frequencies or contingency table, in order to investigate relationships between brands and individual preferences for those brands. Most of times, the strategic plan of the company is based in such results. This paper presents a graphical methodology, based in a double-weighted correspondence analysis followed by two stage clustering, that attempts to plot the mind's perception of the customer with respect to all of the brands in a competitive market. The result of this research is aimed to be a simple but powerful tool of the marketing researcher in the strategic marketing planning stage that complements the classical approaches and expands the vision of the managing staff such that good decisions could be taken. >>

The draft of the paper can be downloaded by clicking here. Full text is available after puchase by clicking here.

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